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Tired of trying to find the time to manage your social media presence and grow your brand online? Colour in Media have helped dozens of businesses drive new business and develop their image on social media, see how we can help today.

Grow your Brand

Building your brand on social media requires dedication, it’s no easy feat and if your audience is on social media (which it 99% is) you need to consider it as an important part of your marketing strategy. The opportunities to develop a new customer base and grow your brand are plentiful, you just have to commit, and bring the right tactics.

Target your Audience

Whether you believe it or not, your businesses audience is on Social Media, it just may not be Facebook… Linkedin has some great new advertising tools for B2B, and emerging platforms such as TikTok are attracting their own special kind of users too. Like any good marketing campaign social media ads start with your audience. From there we figure out where they spend their time and how.

Generate Leads

Social Media platforms are constantly adapting and changing, and although it is a pain for agencies like us to keep up, it does mean that there are always new and innovative ways to drive leads and conversions from a campaign. From targeted lead forms to intelligent remarketing funnels there’s absolutely a technique that will perfectly suit the type of lead you’re looking to generate.

Build a Community

On Facebook and now Linkedin, building an engaged community around your business is a clever way to grow. We’re experienced in community management and have been working closely with brands to connect with their customers on a new level like never before. For some of these customers, they’ve truly developed a relationship with the brand after a great engagement online. 

Faith in Nature

We have been working closely with Faith in Nature, managing all of their social media activity including customer engagement, paid social, and brand development. We've also recently been invited to help with content creation, graphic design and motion design.

We're currently developing their full organic and paid strategy for Black Friday and the Festive Season.


One of our newest clients, Abuka are a training organisation specialising in the care industry. Being a start-up, increasing their brand awareness and generating new leads has been a key focus for Abuka, and we've been working over the past few months to do just that.

We fully manage their organic social media calendar, and help them to drive new leads with targeted cross platform social media ads.

We recently ran a series of campaigns targeted locally to promote an open day at their HQ. This campaign saw huge success and the event was full to capacity and allowed Abuka to create some promising new relationships.


We've been very lucky to spend some time working with Transformulas, a large beauty brand based in Manchester to help develop their social media strategy and to improve their brand recognition.

We created a series of targeted sales funnels to help grow sales on both new and existing products and to also slowly introduce new customers to the brand.

Free Marketing Tips Booklet

Our recent Marketing Tips & Tricks booklet has a full section on social media marketing and how to get started. It’s a free download, so knock yourself out!

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