The Social Media Trend Predictions


Not sure what to post? Get ahead of the game with these social media trend predictions for 2022!

Following the pandemic there has been a huge shift in what social media is used for. So what should you be doing to keep clients coming back? Well lucky for us all, Red Website Design have shared their predictions for 2022!

Check out the infographic below for all the tips you’ll need. Oh and make sure to save these to use when updating your social strategy.

What are you looking forward to seeing in future strategies? 

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Infographic showing the predicted trends for social media marketing 2022
2022 Trend Predictions Infographic

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Here is a brief summary:

  • Social media emerges as a shopping platform
  • Proliferation of short-form video content
  • Social media becomes part of daily life
  • Facebook remains on top (for now)
  • Shorter attention spans result in more bite-sized content
  • More augmented reality options
  • Growing utilization of user-generated content

Not sure where to start with your strategy?

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